This is where tickets in various OpenStreetMap projects can be reported, including both bugs and feature requests.

You can add a new ticket or browse existing tickets for the following projects:

You can also see the full list of projects.

Logging in

You can view anything here, but you'll need to log in to change anything.

Log in with your (main website) username or e-mail address and password. (Your e-mail address will be publically visible if you use that.)

Reporting a bug

  1. View the list of tickets to make sure that your bug hasn't already been reported. You should also try searching.
  2. If it hasn't:
    1. Add a new ticket. You will need to log in first if you haven't already
    2. Enter your bug descriptively. Be sure you set the 'component' field (e.g. "website" or "potlatch (Flash editor)") so that it goes to the right person

You can also use this to request enhancements.

How to be a helpful bug reporter

Where you can, always provide "steps to reproduce" - in other words, a series of instructions that the developers can follow to reproduce your bug. The more you can do to pinpoint the problem, the more likely it'll be fixed.

  1. Give any pertinent details of your system (operating system and version, browser and version, etc.).
  2. If the problem is with a web page or web application, give its URL. If the problem is encountered with a particular set of data, say what (e.g. a location in OpenStreetMap).
  3. Explain what you are doing, click-by-click.
  4. Explain what you expect to happen.
  5. Explain what is happening instead.

What else?

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