source: subversion/applications/rendering/mapnik-german/ @ 28308

Last change on this file since 28308 was 28308, checked in by giggls, 6 years ago

Our Database currently uses real values for width and ele.

This leads to different behaviour when rendering.
To avoid rendering stuff like 603.7000122070312 we always
round to integer now bevore rendering.

In Addition this commit also adds the osm2pgsql style in use

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1# This is the style file that matches the old version of osm2pgsql, which
2# did not make distinctions between tags for nodes and for ways. There are a
3# number of optimisations that can be applied here. Firstly, certain tags
4# only apply to only nodes or only ways. By fixing this we reduce the amount
5# of useless data loaded into the DB, which is a good thing. Possible
6# optimisations for the future:
8# 1. Generate this file directly from the mapnik XML config, so it's always
9# optimal
11# 2. Extend it so it can understand that highway=tertiary is for ways and
12# highway=bus_stop is for nodes
14# Flags field isn't used much yet, expect if it contains the text "polygon"
15# it indicates the shape is candidate for the polygon table. In the future I
16# would like to be able to add directives like "nocache" which tells
17# osm2pgsql that it is unlikely this node will be used by a way and so it
18# doesn't need to be stored (eg coastline nodes). While in essence an
19# optimisation hack, for --slim mode it doesn't matter if you're wrong, but
20# in non-slim you might break something!
22# Also possibly an ignore flag, for things like "note" and "source" which
23# can simply be deleted. (In slim mode this is, does not apply to non-slim
24# obviously)
26node,way        3dshapes:ggmodelk       text    delete
27node,way        AND_nosr_r      text    delete
28node,way        b5m:id  text    delete
29node,way        b5m:url text    delete
30node,way        b5m:urlOrto     text    delete
31node,way        bak:fac_type1   text    delete
32node,way        bak:fac_type2   text    delete
33node,way        bak:fac_type3   text    delete
34node,way        canvec:CODE     text    delete
35node,way        canvec:ROADCLASS        text    delete
36node,way        canvec:STRUCTYPE        text    delete
37node,way        canvec:UUID     text    delete
38node,way        created_by      text    delete
39node,way        dcgis:captureyear       text    delete
40node,way        dcgis:dataset   text    delete
41node,way        dcgis:featurecode       text    delete
42node,way        dcgis:gis_id    text    delete
43node,way        dcgis:lot       text    delete
44node,way        dcgis:square    text    delete
45node,way        FIXME   text    delete
46node,way        geobase:acquisitionTechnique    text    delete
47node,way        geobase:datasetName     text    delete
48node,way        geobase:exitnumber      text    delete
49node,way        geobase:nid     text    delete
50node,way        geobase:roadclass       text    delete
51node,way        geobase:uuid    text    delete
52node,way        geobase:UUID    text    delete
53node,way        gnis:Class      text    delete
54node,way        gnis:County     text    delete
55node,way        gnis:county_id  text    delete
56node,way        gnis:county_name        text    delete
57node,way        gnis:County_num text    delete
58node,way        gnis:created    text    delete
59node,way        gnis:edited     text    delete
60node,way        gnis:fcode      text    delete
61node,way        gnis:feature_id text    delete
62node,way        gnis:feature_type       text    delete
63node,way        gnis:ftype      text    delete
64node,way        gnis:id text    delete
65node,way        gnis:import_uuid        text    delete
66node,way        gnis:reviewed   text    delete
67node,way        gnis:ST_alpha   text    delete
68node,way        gnis:ST_num     text    delete
69node,way        gnis:state_id   text    delete
70node,way        kms:city_name   text    delete
71node,way        kms:county_name text    delete
72node,way        kms:county_no   text    delete
73node,way        kms:house_no    text    delete
74node,way        kms:last_updated        text    delete
75node,way        kms:municipality_name   text    delete
76node,way        kms:municipality_no     text    delete
77node,way        kms:parish_name text    delete
78node,way        kms:parish_no   text    delete
79node,way        kms:street_name text    delete
80node,way        kms:street_no   text    delete
81node,way        kms:zip_name    text    delete
82node,way        kms:zip_no      text    delete
83node,way        KSJ2:AAC        text    delete
84node,way        KSJ2:AAC        text    delete
85node,way        KSJ2:AdminArea  text    delete
86node,way        KSJ2:AdminArea  text    delete
87node,way        KSJ2:ADS        text    delete
88node,way        KSJ2:ADS        text    delete
89node,way        KSJ2:ARE        text    delete
90node,way        KSJ2:ARE        text    delete
91node,way        KSJ2:BDC        text    delete
92node,way        KSJ2:BDC        text    delete
93node,way        KSJ2:BDC_label  text    delete
94node,way        KSJ2:BDC_label  text    delete
95node,way        KSJ2:coordinate text    delete
96node,way        KSJ2:coordinate text    delete
97node,way        KSJ2:COP_label  text    delete
98node,way        KSJ2:COP_label  text    delete
99node,way        KSJ2:curve_id   text    delete
100node,way        KSJ2:curve_id   text    delete
101node,way        KSJ2:curve_type text    delete
102node,way        KSJ2:curve_type text    delete
103node,way        KSJ2:DFC        text    delete
104node,way        KSJ2:DFC        text    delete
105node,way        KSJ2:DFC_label  text    delete
106node,way        KSJ2:DFC_label  text    delete
107node,way        KSJ2:DFD        text    delete
108node,way        KSJ2:DFD        text    delete
109node,way        KSJ2:filename   text    delete
110node,way        KSJ2:filename   text    delete
111node,way        KSJ2:forest_id  text    delete
112node,way        KSJ2:forest_id  text    delete
113node,way        KSJ2:INT        text    delete
114node,way        KSJ2:INT        text    delete
115node,way        KSJ2:INT_label  text    delete
116node,way        KSJ2:INT_label  text    delete
117node,way        KSJ2:lake_id    text    delete
118node,way        KSJ2:lake_id    text    delete
119node,way        KSJ2:lat        text    delete
120node,way        KSJ2:lat        text    delete
121node,way        KSJ2:LIN        text    delete
122node,way        KSJ2:LIN        text    delete
123node,way        KSJ2:LOC        text    delete
124node,way        KSJ2:LOC        text    delete
125node,way        KSJ2:long       text    delete
126node,way        KSJ2:long       text    delete
127node,way        KSJ2:LPN        text    delete
128node,way        KSJ2:LPN        text    delete
129node,way        KSJ2:ODC        text    delete
130node,way        KSJ2:ODC        text    delete
131node,way        KSJ2:OPC        text    delete
132node,way        KSJ2:OPC        text    delete
133node,way        KSJ2:PRC        text    delete
134node,way        KSJ2:PRC        text    delete
135node,way        KSJ2:PRC_label  text    delete
136node,way        KSJ2:PRC_label  text    delete
137node,way        KSJ2:PubFacAdmin        text    delete
138node,way        KSJ2:PubFacAdmin        text    delete
139node,way        KSJ2:RAC        text    delete
140node,way        KSJ2:RAC        text    delete
141node,way        KSJ2:RAC_label  text    delete
142node,way        KSJ2:RAC_label  text    delete
143node,way        KSJ2:RIC        text    delete
144node,way        KSJ2:RIC        text    delete
145node,way        KSJ2:RIN        text    delete
146node,way        KSJ2:RIN        text    delete
147node,way        KSJ2:river_id   text    delete
148node,way        KSJ2:river_id   text    delete
149node,way        KSJ2:segment    text    delete
150node,way        KSJ2:segment    text    delete
151node,way        KSJ2:WSC        text    delete
152node,way        KSJ2:WSC        text    delete
153node,way        massgis:ARTICLE97       text    delete
154node,way        massgis:ASSESS_ACR      text    delete
155node,way        massgis:ASSESS_LOT      text    delete
156node,way        massgis:ASSESS_MAP      text    delete
157node,way        massgis:ATT_DATE        text    delete
158node,way        massgis:BASE_MAP        text    delete
159node,way        massgis:COMMENTS        text    delete
160node,way        massgis:DCAM_ID text    delete
161node,way        massgis:DEED_ACRES      text    delete
162node,way        massgis:EOEAINVOLV      text    delete
163node,way        massgis:FEE_OWNER       text    delete
164node,way        massgis:FEESYM  text    delete
165node,way        massgis:FY_FUNDING      text    delete
166node,way        massgis:IT_VALC text    delete
167node,way        massgis:IT_VALDESC      text    delete
168node,way        massgis:LEV_PROT        text    delete
169node,way        massgis:MANAGER text    delete
170node,way        massgis:MANAGR_ABR      text    delete
171node,way        massgis:MANAGR_TYP      text    delete
172node,way        massgis:OBJECTID        text    delete
173node,way        massgis:OS_DEED_BO      text    delete
174node,way        massgis:OS_DEED_PA      text    delete
175node,way        massgis:OS_ID   text    delete
176node,way        massgis:OWNER_ABRV      text    delete
177node,way        massgis:OWNER_TYPE      text    delete
178node,way        massgis:PALIS_ID        text    delete
179node,way        massgis:POLY_CODE       text    delete
180node,way        massgis:POLY_ID text    delete
181node,way        massgis:PRIM_PURP       text    delete
182node,way        massgis:PUB_ACCESS      text    delete
183node,way        massgis:SITE_NAME       text    delete
184node,way        massgis:SOURCE  text    delete
185node,way        massgis:SOURCE_MAP      text    delete
186node,way        massgis:SOURCE_SCA      text    delete
187node,way        massgis:TOWN_ID text    delete
188node,way        massgis:way_id  text    delete
189node,way        massgis:WETCODE text    delete
190node,way        mvdgis:cod_nombre       text    delete
191node,way        mvdgis:padron   text    delete
192node,way        naptan:AtcoCode text    delete
193node,way        naptan:Bearing  text    delete
194node,way        naptan:BusStopType      text    delete
195node,way        naptan:CommonName       text    delete
196node,way        naptan:Crossing text    delete
197node,way        naptan:Indicator        text    delete
198node,way        naptan:Landmark text    delete
199node,way        naptan:NaptanCode       text    delete
200node,way        naptan:Notes    text    delete
201node,way        naptan:PlusbusZoneRef   text    delete
202node,way        naptan:ShortCommonName  text    delete
203node,way        naptan:StopAreaCode     text    delete
204node,way        naptan:StopAreaType     text    delete
205node,way        naptan:Street   text    delete
206node,way        naptan:verified text    delete
207node,way        ngbe:codigo     text    delete
208node,way        ngbe:grupo      text    delete
209node,way        ngbe:hojabcn25  text    delete
210node,way        ngbe:huso       text    delete
211node,way        ngbe:id text    delete
212node,way        ngbe:lat_ed50   text    delete
213node,way        ngbe:lon_ed50   text    delete
214node,way        ngbe:subgrupo   text    delete
215node,way        ngbe:tema       text    delete
216node,way        ngbe:tipotexto  text    delete
217node,way        ngbe:version    text    delete
218node,way        ngbe:xutm_ed50  text    delete
219node,way        ngbe:yutm_ed50  text    delete
220node,way        nhd:com_id      text    delete
221node,way        NHD:ComID       text    delete
222node,way        NHD:Elevation   text    delete
223node,way        NHD:FCode       text    delete
224node,way        nhd:fcode       text    delete
225node,way        nhd:fdate       text    delete
226node,way        NHD:FDate       text    delete
227node,way        NHD:FLOWDIR     text    delete
228node,way        NHD:FType       text    delete
229node,way        NHD:FTYPE       text    delete
230node,way        nhd:ftype       text    delete
231node,way        nhd:gnis_id     text    delete
232node,way        NHD:GNIS_ID     text    delete
233node,way        NHD:GNIS_Name   text    delete
234node,way        NHD:Permanent_  text    delete
235node,way        nhd:reach_code  text    delete
236node,way        NHD:ReachCode   text    delete
237node,way        NHD:RESOLUTION  text    delete
238node,way        NHD:Resolution  text    delete
239node,way        NHD:way_id      text    delete
240node,way        note    text    delete
241node,way        note:de text    delete
242node,way        note:en text    delete
243node,way        note:es text    delete
244node,way        note:import-bati        text    delete
245node,way        note:ja text    delete
246node,way        note:lanes      text    delete
247node,way        note:qadastre   text    delete
248node,way        notes   text    delete
249node,way        osak:identifier text    delete
250node,way        osak:municipality_no    text    delete
251node,way        osak:revision   text    delete
252node,way        osak:street     text    delete
253node,way        osak:street_no  text    delete
254node,way        osak:subdivision        text    delete
255node,way        source  text    delete
256node,way        source:addr     text    delete
257node,way        source:addr:postcode    text    delete
258node,way        source:area     text    delete
259node,way        source:building text    delete
260node,way        source:date     text    delete
261node,way        source:ele      text    delete
262node,way        source:en       text    delete
263node,way        source:file     text    delete
264node,way        source:filename text    delete
265node,way        source:hgv      text    delete
266node,way        source:hgv:national_network     text    delete
267node,way        source:hgv:state_network        text    delete
268node,way        source:imagery  text    delete
269node,way        source:ja       text    delete
270node,way        source:lit      text    delete
271node,way        source:loc      text    delete
272node,way        source:maxspeed text    delete
273node,way        source:name     text    delete
274node,way        source:population       text    delete
275node,way        source:position text    delete
276node,way        source:postcode text    delete
277node,way        source:ref      text    delete
278node,way        source:ref:INSEE        text    delete
279node,way        source:ro       text    delete
280node,way        source:tracer   text    delete
281node,way        source:url      text    delete
282node,way        source:wfs      text    delete
283node,way        source:zoomlevel        text    delete
284node,way        source_date     text    delete
285node,way        source_ref      text    delete
286node,way        source_type_imagery     text    delete
287node,way        sourcedb:id     text    delete
288node,way        tiger:buildingType      text    delete
289node,way        tiger:cfcc      text    delete
290node,way        tiger:CLASSFP   text    delete
291node,way        tiger:county    text    delete
292node,way        tiger:countyfp  text    delete
293node,way        tiger:CPI       text    delete
294node,way        tiger:FUNCSTAT  text    delete
295node,way        tiger:LSAD      text    delete
296node,way        tiger:mtfcc     text    delete
297node,way        tiger:MTFCC     text    delete
298node,way        tiger:NAME      text    delete
299node,way        tiger:name_base text    delete
300node,way        tiger:name_base_1       text    delete
301node,way        tiger:name_base_2       text    delete
302node,way        tiger:name_base_3       text    delete
303node,way        tiger:name_direction_prefix     text    delete
304node,way        tiger:name_direction_prefix_1   text    delete
305node,way        tiger:name_direction_suffix     text    delete
306node,way        tiger:name_direction_suffix_1   text    delete
307node,way        tiger:name_type text    delete
308node,way        tiger:name_type_1       text    delete
309node,way        tiger:name_type_2       text    delete
310node,way        tiger:NAMELSAD  text    delete
311node,way        tiger:PCICBSA   text    delete
312node,way        tiger:PCINECTA  text    delete
313node,way        tiger:PLACEFP   text    delete
314node,way        tiger:PLACENS   text    delete
315node,way        tiger:PLCIDFP   text    delete
316node,way        tiger:reviewed  text    delete
317node,way        tiger:separated text    delete
318node,way        tiger:source    text    delete
319node,way        tiger:statefp   text    delete
320node,way        tiger:STATEFP   text    delete
321node,way        tiger:tlid      text    delete
322node,way        tiger:upload_uuid       text    delete
323node,way        tiger:zip_left  text    delete
324node,way        tiger:zip_left_1        text    delete
325node,way        tiger:zip_left_2        text    delete
326node,way        tiger:zip_left_3        text    delete
327node,way        tiger:zip_right text    delete
328node,way        tiger:zip_right_1       text    delete
329node,way        tiger:zip_right_2       text    delete
330node,way        WroclawGIS:addr:date    text    delete
331node,way        WroclawGIS:addr:id      text    delete
332node,way        WroclawGIS:addr:layer   text    delete
333node,way        WroclawGIS:addr:postcode:id     text    delete
334node,way        WroclawGIS:addr:postcode:layer  text    delete
335node,way        WroclawGIS:building:date        text    delete
336node,way        WroclawGIS:building:ID  text    delete
337node,way        WroclawGIS:building:layer       text    delete
338node,way        yh:LINE_NAME    text    delete
339node,way        yh:LINE_NUM     text    delete
340node,way        yh:STRUCTURE    text    delete
341node,way        yh:TOTYUMONO    text    delete
342node,way        yh:TYPE text    delete
343node,way        yh:WIDTH        text    delete
344node,way        yh:WIDTH_RANK   text    delete
346node,way   access       text         linear
347node,way   addr:housename      text  linear
348node,way   addr:housenumber    text  linear
349node,way   addr:interpolation  text  linear
350node,way   admin_level  text         linear
351node,way   aerialway    text         linear
352node,way   aeroway      text         polygon
353node,way   amenity      text         nocache,polygon
354node,way   area         text         # hard coded support for area=1/yes => polygon is in osm2pgsql
355node,way   barrier      text         linear
356node,way   bicycle      text         nocache
357node,way   brand        text         linear
358node,way   bridge       text         linear
359node,way   boundary     text         linear
360node,way   building     text         polygon
361node       capital      text         linear
362node,way   construction text         linear
363node,way   covered      text         linear
364node,way   culvert      text         linear
365node,way   cutting      text         linear
366node,way   denomination text         linear
367node,way   disused      text         linear
368node       ele          real         linear
369node,way   embankment   text         linear
370node,way   foot         text         linear
371node,way   generator:source    text  linear
372node,way   harbour      text         polygon
373node,way   highway      text         linear
374node,way   historic     text         polygon
375node,way   horse        text         linear
376node,way   intermittent text         linear
377node,way   junction     text         linear
378node,way   landuse      text         polygon
379node,way   layer        text         linear
380node,way   leisure      text         polygon
381node,way   lock         text         linear
382node,way   man_made     text         polygon
383node,way   military     text         polygon
384node,way   motorcar     text         linear
385node,way   name         text         linear
386node,way   name:de      text         linear
387node,way   natural      text         polygon  # natural=coastline tags are discarded by a hard coded rule in osm2pgsql
388node,way   oneway       text         linear
389node,way   operator     text         linear
390node       poi          text
391node,way   population   text         linear
392node,way   power        text         polygon
393node,way   power_source text         linear
394node,way   place        text         polygon
395node,way   railway      text         linear
396node,way   ref          text         linear
397node,way   religion     text         nocache
398node,way   route        text         linear
399node,way   service      text         linear
400node,way   shop         text         polygon
401node,way   sport        text         polygon
402node,way   surface      text         linear
403node,way   toll         text         linear
404node,way   tourism      text         polygon
405node,way   tower:type   text         linear
406way        tracktype    text         linear
407node,way   tunnel       text         linear
408node,way   water        text         polygon
409node,way   waterway     text         polygon
410node,way   wetland      text         polygon
411node,way   width        real         linear
412node,way   wood         text         linear
413node,way   z_order      int4         linear # This is calculated during import
414way        way_area     real                # This is calculated during import
416# If you're interested in bicycle routes, you may want the following fields
417# To make these work you need slim mode or the necessary data won't be remembered.
418#way       lcn_ref      text     linear
419#way       rcn_ref      text     linear
420#way       ncn_ref      text     linear
421#way       lcn          text     linear
422#way       rcn          text     linear
423#way       ncn          text     linear
424#way       lwn_ref      text     linear
425#way       rwn_ref      text     linear
426#way       nwn_ref          text     linear
427#way       lwn              text     linear
428#way       rwn              text     linear
429#way       nwn              text     linear
430#way       route_pref_color text     linear
431#way       route_name       text     linear
433# The following entries can be used with the --extra-attributes option
434# to include the username, userid, version & timstamp in the DB
435#node,way  osm_user       text
436#node,way  osm_uid        text
437#node,way  osm_version    text
438#node,way  osm_timestamp  text
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