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1<!--Settings for Mapnik Fonts
2Uncomment the unifont entries if you have that font installed
3in your mapnik fonts dir, and want to use it as a fallback font.
4Mapnik includes this font by default since r1328.
5To see the fonts you have installed with Mapnik do:
6ls `python -c "import mapnik;print mapnik.fontscollectionpath"`-->
8<FontSet name="book-fonts">
9  <Font face-name="DejaVu Sans Book" />
10  <!--Font face-name="unifont Medium" /-->
12<FontSet name="bold-fonts">
13  <Font face-name="DejaVu Sans Bold" />
14  <!--Font face-name="unifont Medium" /-->
16<FontSet name="oblique-fonts">
17  <Font face-name="DejaVu Sans Oblique" />
18  <!--Font face-name="unifont Medium" /-->
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