source: chef

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
cookbooks ae4d13c   27 hours tom Exempt /server-status from redirection Fixed #144
hooks 90a349e   7 months tom Fix new rubocop warnings
roles c249fad   3 weeks tom Convert various links to https
test 77cd975   12 months tom Add framework for managing letsencrypt certificates
.gitignore 29 bytes 4687a5b   18 months tom Ignore .kitchen.local.yml
.kitchen.provision.rb 118 bytes 66505b6   15 months tom Update apt cache before running kitchen test suites
.kitchen.yml 1.3 KB 810efa0   10 months tom Add a python cookbook
.mailmap 113 bytes 43be275   4 years tom Add mailmap
.rubocop.yml 663 bytes 8df838b   2 months tom Fix rubocop warnings
.rubocop_todo.yml 2.2 KB 316225f   2 months tom Modernise mediawiki LWRPs
.travis.yml 143 bytes d53a9f3   15 months tom Use ruby 2.3.1 for travis 358 bytes 6e41856   3 years andy Add a readme and a contributing guide.
Gemfile 120 bytes 5479793   12 months tom Update rubocop
Gemfile.lock 3.3 KB a459e86   2 months tsmith Use Foodcritic 12.2.1 12.2.0 has a pretty nasty regression where it …
LICENSE 10.6 KB db9ca14   3 years andy Add top-level Apache 2.0 license file. 1.9 KB c249fad   3 weeks tom Convert various links to https

Chef configuration management public repo for configuring & maintaining the OpenStreetMap servers.

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