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delete global license file as not all software in this repository is GPL;
modify README accordingly.

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[14256]2 Applications created by the community that create, modify or use
3 openstreetmap data direct or via the web api. Subdivided into these
4 categories:
[2496]6    editors/
[14256]7        create or modify openstreetmap data via the api
8    etc/
9        FIXME: holds a more then 2 year old mapnik xml
10    lib/
11        libraries that can be used by the applications
12    mobile/
13        Openstreetmap related applications for mobile devices
[2496]14    rendering/
[14256]15        Applications for creating maps from openstreetmap data
16    routing/
17        Applications for routing with openstreetmap data
18    share/
19       Media files (images, icons, map-icons) that can be used by
20       the applications
[3213]21    utils/
[14256]22       Utilities for conversion, export, download, quality control
23       monitoring, data cleaning and others
24    viewer/
25       Applications for viewing openstreetmap maps or data
28 integrating openstreetmap in content management
29 systems and websites
[14256]32 images, documents, videos, papers and material related to marketing
33 and promotion and promotional activities
36 websites operated by the openstreetmap foundation or local chapters
39 this file
[25251]41Software and data in this repository may come under different licenses;
42check the appropriate LICENSE/README files.
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