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1Completly modeless? :
3JOSM has 4 modes:
4A. Zoom
5B. Select (drag-move, shift=add, ctrl=remove, questionable rotate)
6C. Add node (Shift=no-connect, Alt=new way, Ctrl=don't reuse node)
7D. Delete (delete all, way only, all refering, delete way segment)
9User actions necessary to cover:
101. Zoom
112. Select, Select group, add to selection
123. Move node/way/selection
134. Add node (alone, extend way, extend as new, reuse node)
145. Delete (node from way, way)
17UI mapping:
18* 1. Zoom - mouse wheel only (with ',' and '.' keys as zoom in/out at cursor)
19* 2. Select:
20*   Click on node/way - replace select
21*   Shift-Drag - area select (both included and crossed)
22*   Shift-click - toggle presence in selection
23* 3a. Move node:
24*   Drag with initial click on node
25* 3b. Move way:
26*   Drag with initial click on a way
27* 3c. Move selection:
28*   Drag with initial click on any selection member
29*  4a. Create lone node:
30*    Alt-click with empty selection on free space
31* 4b. Extend way:
32*   Alt-click on free space or way (injects node into way) with current
33*   way selected.
34*  4c. Extend as new way:
35*    Click on node to select it, then as 4b
36* 4d. extend way with node reuse:
37*   Alt-click on existing node
38 5.  Deletion handled as action, not mode:
39    Select objects to delete, invoke the action
42*) The rules (of least surprise salted with a grain of heurics) are:
43 - trying to extend the way by a node that is currently the last one
44   does nothing (allows drag)
45 - trying to extend the way by a node that is next-to-the-last does nothing
46   but reverts the last-used-node to the originally last node
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