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[4308]1Source: openstreetmap-josm
2Section: utils
3Priority: optional
4Maintainer: Joerg Ostertag <>
[13318]5Build-Depends: debhelper (>> 3.7.2),
[12638]6        pkg-config,
7        libqt4-core
[13318]8Build-Depends-Indep: sun-java6-jdk|openjdk-6-jdk,
[15969]9        ant, zip,
[12638]10        qt4-dev-tools
[4308]11Standards-Version: 3.6.1
13Package: openstreetmap-josm
14Architecture: all
[13318]15Depends: java6-runtime|sun-java6-jre|sun-java6-jdk|sun-java6-jre|openjdk-6-jdk|ia32-sun-java6-bin,
[12638]16         menu
[4308]17Recommends: openstreetmap-utils
[13318]18Suggests: openstreetmap-map-icons,
[11488]19        openstreetmap-mapnik-data,
20        gpsdrive,
[9176]21        mapnik
[13318]22Conflicts: josm
[4308]23Description: OpenStreetmap Editor Josm
[5001]24 This Package contains the Openstreetmap Editor Josm
25 this Editor can be used for working with OpenStreetMap Data
[12638]26 you can download, change and update the OSM Data with this Editor.
27 The Package also includes a lot of josm-plugins from the main osm-svn
28 which even expand the Functionality of josm.
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