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plugin for direct download of user GPX traces from

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1DirectDownload plugin for JOSM
4The DirectDownload plugin enables you to directly download your GPX
5tracks you previously uploaded on without having
6to download them manually first and then having to open the downloaded
7track using the "Open file ..." dialog.
9The plugin provides a new entry "Download track ..." in the file
10menu (no keyboard shortcut yet). This opens a dialog that will
11present a list of your uploaded tracks, showing the tracks timestamp
12and filename, from which you can directly pick one track to be
13downloaded into a new GPX layer.
18* keyboard shortcut?
19* properly parse track timestamp, show it in local time instead of UTC
20* progress bars
21* sort tracks by time (what gets back from the /user/gpx_files API call
22  does not seem to be fully sorted)
23* make the table in the dialog sortable (right now when enabling auto
24  sort on the JTable object an exception is thrown when clicking
25  column headers)
26* show track tags
27* code cleanup
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