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1# Contribution guidelines
3If you want to make a contribution to this repository, just go ahead, clone this repository (see
4[]( for instructions) and make the changes you'd like to do.
6When you want us to include your changes, you're welcome to open a pull request. We'll review it, give you feedback
7on it and if we like your changes, we'll apply them to the plugin.
9## License
11All contributions to this repository are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 or later.
13## Code formatting
15The following format of source code files is preferred in this repository:
16* Indentation with 2 spaces per indentation level
17* line endings should be UNIX-style line endings (LF)
18* one newline (LF) at the end of the file
19* where possible don't make lines longer than 120 characters
20* avoid trailing whitespace
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