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1Microsoft Streetside JOSM Plugin
4The Microsoft JOSM Streetside ( Plugin enables the viewing of Microsoft Streetside 360 degree imagery in the JOSM editor. It is based on the implementation of the Mapillary plugin (
6Once JOSM is started and the MicrosoftStreetside plugin is selected in the JOSM Preferences, available Streetside imagery can be display within the boundary of the downloaded JOSM area, by selecting Imagery -> Streetside, from the main menu. Once blue bubbles appear on the map signifying Streetside imagery, clicking on a bubble results in the 360 degree imagery being displayed in the 360 degree viewer, which can be undocked and enlarged to allow for better viewing.
8## Documentation
10You can find out more about how to use the plugin and how it works in the [project Wiki](
12If you want to know how to configure the plugin, you can look at the [Configuration Wiki page](
14## Building from source
15Checkout the JOSM source, compile it and checkout the plugin source:
17    svn co josm
18    cd josm/core
19    ant clean dist
20    cd ../plugins
21    rm -rf MicrosoftStreetside
22    git clone MicrosoftStreetside
23    cd MicrosoftStreetside
24    ant clean install
26Now Restart JOSM and activate the MicrosoftStreeside plugin in your preferences.
27The MicrosoftStreetside menu items will appear in the JOSM main menu after JOSM is
30Details about plugin development can be found [in the JOSM wiki](
32## License
34This plugin is based on the Mapilary developed by developed and maintained by nokutu ( and extended to display Streetside imagery by Rene Rhodes (renerr18) You can contact Rene on github.
36This software is licensed under [GPL v3](
38### Third party resources
40The MicrosoftStreetside plugin used JavaFX to implement the Streetside 360 degree viewer [JavaFX](, which, while bundled in the Oracle Java SE 1.8, is not an official part of the
41Java SE 1.8 specification, and may not function properly with alternative JDKs (e.g. OpenJDK is not currently supported). JavaFX is licensed under the same terms as Java SE (
43The plugin also makes use of the compact Resty libary for communicating with RESTful web services from Java ( Resty is licensed under the MIT license (
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