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1AgPiFoj stands for 'Another geotag plug-in for Josm'.
5- Access by a new menu item in the 'File' menu. This menu loads pictures and
6  makes a new layer from them in the map view.
7- Displays the images in a ToggleDialog (so it appears as a panel on the right
8  of the screen and can be shown/hidden with a click on a button of the left
9  toolbar. It can be set in a separate window by clicking the sticky button)
10- Loads geotag data from exif or correlate pictures with GPS tracks.
11- Displays the pictures as a little camera icon in the map view (this improves
12  the speed of loading large sets of pictures). The selected picture appears in
13  red.
14- Easy zoom in/out of the image with the mouse wheel. Hability to move the
15  image by clicking and/or dragging on it with mouse left button, or to select
16  the part of the image to zoom in by dragging the right button.
17- Displays the altitude and speed of the photo when available from the GPS
18  track.
19- Hability to synchronize a same set of photos with many GPS tracks (choose
20  item 'Correlate to GPX' in the contextual menu of the layer). If a  picture
21  set and a GPS track were badly time-synchronized, just load again the same
22  GPX track on the layer, by specifying a different offset and/or timezone.
23- Adds a viewport to the left toolbar : with all these plug-ins that add buttons
24  to that toolbar, some of them became inaccessible. This adds some little
25  arrows on top and bottom of the toolbar.
28For the user who used to use the 'Import images' option on GPS layers, the
29timezone is the opposite : it is greater than 0 when going to the east of
30Greenwich Meridian.
34To install, put the agpifoj.jar in the JOSM plugin directory. Then in JOSM,
35select the menu Edit / Preferences and the plugins tab. Check the agpifoj
36plugin check-box, and restart JOSM. You'll seee the AgPiFoj menu item in
37the 'File' menu.
41The source code is in the agpifoj.jar : unzip it.
42Edit the build.xml to set the path to your josm-latest.jar as property.
43Run ant.
44The plugin jar file is in the dist directory.
46Tested on the latest JOSM version (build 521).
50I got inspiration and some code from the Geotagged plugin (by Rob Neild)
51and the core JOSM source code (by Immanuel Scholz and others). This plugin is
52delivered under the GPL licence terms. It also uses the jpeg metadata
53extraction code is from Drew Noakes (bundled with Josm).
57Hope you'll find it useful.
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