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1cadastre-fr is a plugin for JOSM that is able to handle the
2french land registry WMS. This WMS is not a complete standard WMS
3since it is not providing most of the standard services. It is also
4just delivering data for one municipality at a time. A special request
5is required at the beginning to specify which municipality is desired.
7The plugin is today only requesting PNG images on user request only. The
8images can be stored in a cache file and reloaded later. The grabed images
9can be done at any zoom level and the drawing method will always select the
10best images (highest scale) to be displayed in front of worst images
11(lowest scale).
13Also the plugin is able to transform original images to add the transparency
14or replace the default background by the JOSM background color. Enabling
15transparency gives the possibility to use several layers, each layer with a
16different municipality, making contrbutor's work much easier.
18Access to the french land registry WMS has been granted by the autorithies (DFFiP).
19It's opened not only for OSM but for all GIS applications. A new version of the
20WMS will take place mid 2009.
22Announce here (english):
24First announcement here (french):
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