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Updates to lakewalker to add native java port of the python script (consider it an alpha release). Older style of calling the python script still supported (via an additional menu item)

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1README FOR Lakewalker
4The Lakewalker plugin can be used to generate traces of lakes, rivers or shoreline from
5LANDSAT imagery (or theoretically any imagery that is provided on a WMS server).
7Currently the plugin features 2 modes of operation: Native and Classic. The classic mode
8requires the Python script to be downloaded into the lakewalker directory
9within the JOSM plugin directory.
11Common Features:
12 - On-screen feedback to Lakewalker progress with cancel
13 - Tag ways appropriately
14 - limit ways to length
15 - Manage Landsat image cache from Prefs screen
17Native Features:
18 - Doesn't require Python
20Classic Features:
21 - Access all lakewalker options via preferences
22 - Read data in thread
23 - ...
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