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1A plugin for displaying OpenLayers images as a background
3This plugin is a proof of concept, and so it is at a very first stage.
5What it does:
6    * It downloads a Yahoo satellite background image of the current view port (well, sort of)
8What it does NOT:
9    * Everything else :-)
11What needs to be done:
12    * Fix positions
13    * Fix refresh problems
14    * Patch JOSM to restrict zoom to discrete steps (needed by Yahoo)
15    * Get rid of ehcache. It's too bulky for our needs.
16    * Add configuration options.
17        * Allow the user to add any kind of OpenLayer layers
18        * Add options for cache (size, expiration time...)
19    * Find some clever way of distributing dependency libraries. A plugin of 2.1Mb seems too big.
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