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1Photo Geotagging Plugin
4This plugin is used to write latitude and longitude information to the EXIF
5header of jpg files. It extends the core geoimage feature of JOSM by adding a
6new entry to the right click menu of any image layer.
8The real work (writing lat/lon values to file) is done by the pure Java
9sanselan library. Although sanselan is a proper apache commons project, there
10was not much activity recently (End of 2009). The externals definition is set
11to a specific revision. When updating that revision, you should check if the
12workarounds ( are still needed.
15Author: Paul Hartmann <>
17License: GPL v2 or any later version. (Note: When distributed together with
18the sanselan library, only GPL v3 (or later) can be used.)
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