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1Plugin Translations
4Run from plugin main directory:
5ant pot
6ant poimport
7ant pomerge
8ant lang
10Detailed Version
12* To kick off the translation of the plugin it is SVN committed.
13  After a day the translatable strings are visible at Launchpad
14  (
15* After the Java code or the plugin description in build.xml was
16  changed, you need to run "ant pot".  That creates/updates the
17  template file po/plugin.pot.
18* Download the latest translations from Launchpad and copy them into
19  the directory po with "ant poimport".  This uses the version that is
20  updated once a day.  For a more recent version you need to request a
21  download from
23  Then run "ant -Dpoimport.tarball=URL poimport", replace URL with the
24  translation download URL.
25* Remove all untranslated strings and other translations with
26  "ant pomerge".
27* Create the language files in the data directory with "ant lang".
28* SVN commit plugin changes, SVN update plugin directory, run
29  "ant dist" to create a new plugin release, SVN commit new plugin
30  release (../../dist/plugin.jar).  "ant dist" will add the
31  translations of the plugin description to the manifest.
33Additions to plugin build.xml:
34    <!-- ** internationalization ** -->
35    <import file="i18n/build-i18n.xml"/>
36    <target name="additional-manifest">
37        <antcall target="mftrans"/>
38    </target>
40Global Run
42From the global i18n directory the steps are:
43./launchpad bzronly
44ant -Dplugin=plugin singleplugintrans
46* The command "launchpad bzronly" exports the latest revision of the
47  Launchpas translations.
48* "ant singleplugintrans" generates the language files in the plugin
49  data directory.  Then it deletes to PO files.
50* It is not possible to add the translations of the plugin description
51  to the manifest.
53See Language String Changes
55To see what language strings changed in data/*.lang run this:
56svn diff --diff-cmd i18n/ --force data
58To see just removed or modified strings:
59svn diff --diff-cmd i18n/ --force data | grep ^- | grep -v '^--- data/'
61To display changes of a single file with tkdiff:
62svn diff --diff-cmd i18n/ --extensions --tkdiff --force data/<lang>.lang
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