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1SDS plugin
4The idea in this project is to enable JOSM users to record additional data
5with OSM objects, but that additional data lives in a different repository.
6The driver, in this instance, was that the data to be collected was
7unsuitable for public release due to privacy issues (personal data like
8household income etc.), but there may be other uses, for example if you want
9to record stuff that is too volatile or detailed for OSM.
11The separate data store has all information keyed against OSM object IDs,
12i.e. it cannot record geometries - only additional tags.
14The SDS plugin makes it possible to have JOSM query another data source for
15additional data related to objects just downloaded from OSM. For example,
16you download ways #15, #20, #25 from OSM, then the SDS plugin will query a
17different server "do you have extra info pertaining to ways #15, #20, #25?"
18and the server may or may not return extra info.
20These extra tags are then brought into JOSM just like any other tags, and
21they can be edited, styled, filtered, and validated normally.
23On upload, the plugin will again separate the extra tags from normal OSM
24tagging, and will upload extra tags to the separate server only. (This is
25based on a tag name rule, i.e. tags that begin with a defined prefix go to
26the separate server, and all else goes to OSM.)
28Geofabrik has also written a server (in Ruby on Rails) that serves as the
29counterpart for the SDS plugin. The server is slightly more HOT specific
30than the JOSM plugin, and comes with a search function and web editing
31interface for tags stored there.
33For more documentation on the SDS plugin and server, see:
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