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1A plugin for JOSM that acts as a WMS server for Yahoo satellite imagery. Used with wmsplugin.
3From the announcement on talk:
5With this new plugin, you can now work with Yahoo satellite images inside
6JOSM, the same way the applet or the flash editor does. It is a port to java
7of the perl script that Frederik Ramm made a couple of months ago, so it
8uses the same approach: spawn a browser window that asks Yahoo the images
9using its API. However, this plugin works in windows too.
11To use Yahoo imagery, follow this steps:
131.- Download and install YWMS from [1].
142.- Download and install/update WMS plugin from [2]. IMPORTANT!!: upgrade if
15you already have this plugin.
163.- Activate both plugins in JOSM and restart.
174.- In preference settings, Yahoo tab, set the path to firefox executable,
18the name of a new profile for firefox and click  "create". This opens a new
19browser window. Click "Make changes" and accept the question. Close the
215.- Go to your favorite area, and click the menu option "WMS -> Yahoo" .
226.- Enjoy
24Any modern Gecko browser ([3]) should work, not only firefox. However, I
25have only tested firefox (>1.5.)
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