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Can't move a selectedWayNode if it's under a POI text label

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1Potlatch 2: main outstanding issues
4== Core geometry ==
6* purgeOutside simply doesn't work - WayUIs stay around. To investigate
7* P1-style J (join) / shift-J (unjoin)
8* Make parallelise properly undoable
10== Vector background layers ==
12* Pass in via URL parameter
13* Load from local file (Flash Player 10 only)
14* TagTransform (cf
15* Connectivity isn't preserved when bringing ways through (e.g. from OSM layer)
17== Tag editing ==
19* initialiseEditors is quite slow (typically 150ms)
20* Bug where the wrong feature is used, when an item that is dragged from the list when an POI has no icon.
21* Can't use + for second tag
22* Tag panel jumps up and down when number spinner is used on bike parking
23* New relation panel jumps up and down, but I haven't seen it on editing existing relations
24* Changing relation ref doesn't update the main tagviewer until the entity is reselected
25* Changing type of relation doesn't update the main tagviewer until the entity is reselected
26* Adding a relation via the advanced panel doesn't update the simple panel
27* 'Select relation' panel doesn't indicate that the list is being filtered (e.g. simple -> add to a route)
28* Checkbox needs a clear button, or to be changed to a ✓✗? triplet
31== UI ==
33* Failing to parse map_features should be an error state
34* Escape should rewind the entity to how it was before the current ControllerState. (Record a position in the undo stack when exiting a ControllerState, and escape would rewind to that)
35* Potlatch 1-style "floaty warnings"
36* Custom imagery dialog fixes
37* Ctrl-clicking two areas (one inside the other) should create a multipolygon
38* B keypress for background source tag
39* Multiple selection
40* Options should be remembered via SharedObjects
41* small node hitzone when creating areas - hitzone and mouseover UI don't match up
42* GPS loading should have a loading... label
43* Pressing undo/redo sometimes doesn't change controllerstate. (e.g. create POI + undo leaves the tag panel still referring to POI)
44* Can't move a selectedWayNode if it's under a POI text label.
46== Miscellaneous data model ==
48* Remove created_by=* tags from any data touched
50== Rendering (Halcyon) ==
52* halcyon_viewer needs updating for new tileurl stuff
53* Shields
54* More line decoration (cliffs etc.), and implied values for 'dashes' if not supplied
55* MapCSS 0.2 support
56* .gz support for OSMConnection
57* Multipolygon rendering for dashedLine, lineDecoration, and WayBitmapFiller
58* Multipolygons should take their tags from the relation, not the way
60== Other ==
61* should have build numbers available somehow
63Requested enhancements
66== Other core ==
68* Non-900913 projections
69* Plugin support
70* Support undo / redo across saving events
72== Tag editing ==
74* Ability to specify that a node should be a point in a way, for example for crossings
75* Ability to say that it's unlikely/impossible to have a way that is a bridge and a tunnel at the same time.
76* Dynamic reloading of stylesheet/map_features, so that you don't need to reload the full page when editing them
77* The area of pois for dragging on to the map should have a search, with synonyms.
78* If you have both inputSets names and buildingAddress, and name= key is filled in then the basic tab will get both, surely only name should be shown and building name should be ignored e.g. cafes. [Actually this was an issue of addr: being missing from one of them, however this may still be a problem for other overlapping inputSets]
80== Turn restrictions ==
82* Splitting a way should have smart turn restriction behaviour - i.e. only retain the relation in that part of the way which joins the via point.
84== UI ==
86* Mouse wheel zooming
87* Bbox-sensitive menu for background imagery
88* CSS editing
89* Quick-search on add-relations-to-way dialog (RelationSelectPanel)
90* i18n
92== Rendering (Halcyon) ==
94* 'Light' version without vectorlayer support etc.
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