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1Potlatch 2: main outstanding issues
4== Core geometry ==
6* P1-style J (join)
7* Doing a '-' to remove a point from a junction doesn't redraw the point on other ways
9== Vector background layers ==
11* Pass in via URL parameter
12* Load from local file (Flash Player 10 only)
13* TagTransform (cf
14* Connectivity isn't preserved when bringing ways through (e.g. from OSM layer)
15* Alt-click on lines from GPX appears to prevent anything from being selected.
16* z-ordering - areas in editing layer prevent background layers from being clicked.
18== Tag editing ==
20** SuperTabNavigator frequently doesn't respond to tab clicks
21* initialiseEditors is quite slow (typically 150ms)
22* Tag panel jumps up and down when number spinner is used on bike parking
23* Changing relation ref doesn't update the main tagviewer until the entity is reselected
24* Changing type of relation doesn't update the main tagviewer until the entity is reselected
25* Adding a relation via the advanced panel doesn't update the simple panel
26* 'Select relation' panel doesn't indicate that the list is being filtered (e.g. simple -> add to a route)
27* 'Select relation' panel could be sorted by something useful (e.g. ref for route relations)
28* Checkbox needs a clear button, or to be changed to a ✓✗? triplet
29* Relations should talk to FunctionKeyManager too, so you can assign a route to a particular key
30* RelationsGrid should be a discrete component, so we don't repeat ourselves so much in TagViewer.mxml
32== UI ==
34** Keypress detection is very erratic, depending on focus - need to work out where events are going (Application.application?) and sense them there
35* Failing to parse map_features should be an error state
36* Escape should rewind the entity to how it was before the current ControllerState. (Record a position in the undo stack when exiting a ControllerState, and escape would rewind to that)
37* Custom imagery dialog fixes
38* Ctrl-clicking two areas (one inside the other) should create a multipolygon
39* GPS loading should have a loading... label
40* Pressing undo/redo sometimes doesn't change controllerstate. (e.g. create POI + undo leaves the tag panel still referring to POI)
41* The standard keyboard shortcut of cmd+z doesn't work for undo, instead it just enters a z.
42* In the advanced tag view if you use the back delete key to delete it will delete the first one or two characters and then jump to the end of the text field. (Tested in Mac OS X and Windows) (Build 24127
43* If you get a map error (e.g. too many nodes in bbox) you don't get a helpful dialog
45== Rendering (Halcyon) ==
47** When deleting a tagged node from a way, the NodeUI sticks around (fairly critical bug)
48* halcyon_viewer needs updating for new tileurl stuff
49* Shields
50* More line decoration (cliffs etc.), and implied values for 'dashes' if not supplied
51* MapCSS 0.2 support - see and
52* .gz support for OSMConnection
53* Multipolygon rendering for dashedLine, lineDecoration, and WayBitmapFiller
54* Multipolygons should take their tags from the relation, not the way
56== MyGPX ==
58* Have a remove button for removing loaded traces
59* Have a check button for simplifying traces
60* Figure out how to call P2/Simplify for halcyon-based code
62== Bug Layer ==
64* sort out the z-ordering so they appear above polygons/lines in halcyon
65* View comments and add new comments
66* Reopen?
67* Handle errors when closing bugs (especially nickname-based errors)
69== Reverse Button ==
70* Doesn't look like a button
72== l10n ==
73* Fix the en_US / default locale problem
75Requested enhancements
78== Other core ==
80* Non-900913 projections
81* Plugin support
82* Support undo / redo across saving events
84== Tag editing ==
86* Ability to specify that a node should be a point in a way, for example for crossings
87* Ability to say that it's unlikely/impossible to have a way that is a bridge and a tunnel at the same time.
88* Dynamic reloading of stylesheet/map_features, so that you don't need to reload the full page when editing them
89* The area of pois for dragging on to the map should have a search, with synonyms.
90* If you have both inputSets names and buildingAddress, and name= key is filled in then the basic tab will get both, surely only name should be shown and building name should be ignored e.g. cafes. [Actually this was an issue of addr: being missing from one of them, however this may still be a problem for other overlapping inputSets]
92== UI ==
94* CSS editing
95* Quick-search on add-relations-to-way dialog (RelationSelectPanel)
96* i18n
98== Rendering (Halcyon) ==
100* 'Light' version without vectorlayer support etc.
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