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Add unit testing framework, based on flexunit 4.0 . To compile and run the tests run 'ant test' - currently only two tests for Node have been added.

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1# change this to your Flex SDK directory path
2# e.g. FLEX_HOME=/home/andy/bin/flex/
3# e.g. FLEX_HOME=C:/Program Files/Adobe/Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.5.0
4# e.g. FLEX_HOME=${env.FLEX_HOME}
7# asdocs binary
8# e.g. ASDOC=${FLEX_HOME}/bin/asdoc.exe
10# this points to your project's src directory
11# {$basedir} is a default variable that can be used in any Ant script
12# SRC_DIR =${basedir}/src
13# points to the project's libs directory
14LIBS_DIR =${basedir}/lib
15 = HalcyonTestRunner
18test.src.dir = ${basedir}/tests/src
19test.fakeroot.dir = ${basedir}/tests/fakeroot
20test.bin.dir = ${basedir}/tests/bin
21report.dir = ${basedir}/tests/report
22report.html.dir = ${basedir}/tests/report/html
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