source: subversion/applications/editors/potlatch2/resources @ 24243

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
features 23844   10 years gravitystorm Add new icons for most missing pois. Thanks to twain47 for the icons …
fills 17451   11 years richard bitmap fills FTW
icons 24219   10 years tomhughes Removed executable flag from files which don't need it.
FontLibrary.swf 383.1 KB 16544   11 years richard Reinstate embedded fonts (we need them for the rotated text, d'oh) but …
gpx.css 297 bytes 22754   10 years richard improve GPS track support
halcyon.html 1.7 KB 18047   11 years richard add more ways to control the viewer from JavaScript?
imagery.xml 2.1 KB 24218   10 years richard standardise on 'name' and 'url' elements for stylesheet and imagery objects
map_features.xml 102.0 KB 23910   10 years jochen cleanup indentation etc.
opencyclemap.css 9.5 KB 23014   10 years gravitystorm Oops
potlatch2.html 2.1 KB 22980   10 years gravitystorm Impliment ExternalInterface? calls for preventing windowunload when …
potlatch.css 20.6 KB 24113   10 years richard allow layers to be overridden in MapCSS; this means we can bring …
server.rb 570 bytes 23044   10 years gravitystorm Right, no more missing icons while testing. Grrr.
stylesheets.xml 422 bytes 24219   10 years tomhughes Removed executable flag from files which don't need it.
swfobject.js 6.7 KB 16541   11 years richard Separate Halcyon (rendering) into standalone target without Flex …
test.css 3.3 KB 18685   11 years richard continuing to expand and rework selection stuff. Not finished yet but …
tinyamf.cgi 12.6 KB 21567   10 years richard simple read-only AMF API for use with Halcyon
wireframe.css 613 bytes 19209   11 years randomjunk move bg and style selection to top bar, and give a choice of styles
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