source: subversion/applications/editors @ 20379

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
applet 3284   12 years tomhughes Bump applet version to 1.1 as per SteveC's request ages ago.
django 14831   10 years edgemaster Begin 0.6ifying osmparser. In this commit: attributes, attributes and …
josm 20378   10 years guggis 'Commit message'
josm-ng 10600   11 years cmalo Editable by double click. After edit view is changed to given position.
merkaartor 20379   10 years Chris Browet ADD : Allow to zoom on the location of a GeoTIFF image
merkaartor-branches 20372   10 years Chris Browet FIX : Do not updateindex() if the feature is deleted
merkaartor-tags 20364   10 years Chris Browet DD : 0.15.2 tag
osm-editor 1316   13 years nick Hacked area (ie ways with particular tags) support added. The high …
osmpedit 1137   13 years tpersson More support for ways added
osmtracker 4961   12 years rubke v0.3
potlatch 20362   10 years richard couple of little fixes
potlatch2 20223   10 years gravitystorm remove trace and get drag images working again
pyosmeditor 1846   13 years joerg set executable property
  • Property svn:externals set to
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