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Skeleton for libimg - nothing works yet

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1This is the beginnings of an IMG library intended for use with OSM.
3It does not yet work, and is probably the most hideous C++ code you
4have ever seen, so unless you are me, I'd advise you go away and come
5back later... much later...
7All the code is based on the document "Garmin IMG File Format" by John
10The development strategy is roughly:
12Phase 1: img2img - a utility that reads in an IMG file, and then
13   writes it out again. Smart, huh?
15Phase 2: osm2omg - a utility that reads in an OSM file, and then
16   writes out an IMG file.
18Phase 3: Utilities required to deal with needing different data at
19different zoom levels. This may be of generic use for other renderers
20too. Also some kind of online interface to allow people to get bang
21upto date img for their town/area etc.
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