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Add file to test some edge cases

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<osm version="0.3" generator="Test file with tricky values">
3  <node id="1" lat="2" lon="3">
4    <tag k="less-than"    v="&lt;"/>
5    <tag k="greater-than" v="&gt;"/>
6    <tag k="apostrohpe"   v="&apos;"/>
7    <tag k="ampersand"    v="&amp;"/>
8    <tag k="quote"        v="&quot;"/>
9  </node>
10  <node id="2" lat="2" lon="4"/>
11  <node id="3" lat="3" lon="4"/>
12  <node id="4" lat="4" lon="4"/>
13  <node id="5" lat="5" lon="4"/>
14  <segment id="2" from="3" to="4"/>
15  <segment id="3" from="4" to="5"/>
16  <segment id="4" from="5" to="1"/>
17  <way id="2"/>
18  <way id="3">
19          <seg id="2"/>
20  </way>
21  <way id="4">
22          <tag k="highway" v="primary"/>
23  </way>
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