source: subversion/applications/mobile/FreemapMobile/ @ 8596

Last change on this file since 8596 was 8204, checked in by nick, 12 years ago

number of glitches hopefully ironed out but not tested on mobile device yet

File size: 365 bytes
1J2ME-WS: true
2J2ME-XMLRPC: true
3JSR082: false
4JSR179: true
5JSR180: false
6JSR184: false
7JSR211: false
8JSR226: false
9JSR229: false
10JSR234: false
11JSR238: false
12JSR239: false
13JSR75: true
14MMAPI: true
15SATSA-APDU: false
17SATSA-JCRMI: false
18SATSA-PKI: false
19WMA0: false
20WMA1.1: false
21WMA2.0: true
22configuration: CLDC1.1
23platform: CUSTOM
24profile: MIDP2.0
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