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Windows: Add Nullsoft Installer script
Windows: Add map update capability
Check in voice commands
Generate voice/visual commands at splits, e.g. exiting motorways
Add voice output support under Linux.
Update bboxes.
Add program for generating bboxes.
WinCE: Removing wince from David's ARCH tag. What is the right one ??

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1Page directory
2DirText "Welcome to the Gosmore Installer" "Please select the install directory. Note that$\n \
3there are over 60 maps, each of being approximately 400MB. So$\n\
4it is important that you have sufficient disk space."
6Page instfiles
7UninstPage instfiles
9Section "Gosmore"
10  SetOutPath $INSTDIR
11  File "gosmore.exe"
12  File "default.pak"
13  File "gosmore.opt"
14  File "keepleft.wav"
15  File "round1.wav"
16  File "round3.wav"
17  File "round5.wav"
18  File "round7.wav"
19  File "stop.wav"
20  File "turnright.wav"
21  File "keepright.wav"
22  File "round2.wav"
23  File "round4.wav"
24  File "round6.wav"
25  File "round8.wav"
26  File "turnleft.wav"
27  File "uturn.wav"
29Section "Start Menu Shortcuts"
30  CreateShortCut "$SMPROGRAMS\Gosmore.lnk" "$INSTDIR\gosmore.exe"
33OutFile "Install Gosmore.exe"
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