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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
all_tiles 1722   14 years jonb Fix rendering slow down over time by using the call() instead of …
archive 18932   11 years ldp Move a bunch of old and/or obsoleted items to an archive dir
debian 27615   8 years apmon improve debian packaging scripts
inc 29212   7 years apmon The name of the Natural Earth 110m boundary lines shape file changed
livetiles 28366   8 years giggls livetiles is a simple live renderer for mapnik tiles it has been …
symbols 29043   8 years hind Add some amenity key values (veterinary, bench, waste_basket)
utils 28428   8 years frederik make regexes more versatile 2.8 KB 26276   9 years Dane Springmeyer use mapnik2 if present 7.8 KB 29155   8 years mazdermind allow bigger buffer-sizes to be specified in xml 7.6 KB 29155   8 years mazdermind allow bigger buffer-sizes to be specified in xml 7.2 KB 29292   7 years Dirk Stoecker update docs, remove warning 2.5 KB 28989   8 years tomhughes Update download locations for Natural Earth data Patch from … 2.7 KB 29676   7 years bnesbitt Tweak so it at least runs and produces output, just to see what it does. 3.9 KB 11614   12 years jonb Revert shield symbols and script back to previous, larger, size (-r 11258)
osm.xml 167.2 KB 29600   7 years ldp Add bridge=swing/lift (#4660) 19.0 KB 27164   9 years zverik bugfixes in
README 10.1 KB 30030   7 years harrywood Update the description. Now superceded
zoom-to-scale.txt 911 bytes 6130   13 years jochen Added comparison between zoom levels and the scale denominator numbers …
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