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New script, donated by springmeyer, to set up mapnik with your local settings. See and README.
Also renamed .example files to .template

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2Settings for your postgres setup.
4Note: feel free to leave password, host, port, or use blank
7<Parameter name="type">postgis</Parameter>
8<Parameter name="password">%(password)s</Parameter>
9<Parameter name="host">%(host)s</Parameter>
10<Parameter name="port">%(port)s</Parameter>
11<Parameter name="user">%(user)s</Parameter>
12<Parameter name="dbname">%(dbname)s</Parameter>
13<!-- this should be 'false' if you are manually providing the 'extent' -->
14<Parameter name="estimate_extent">%(estimate_extent)s</Parameter>
15<!-- manually provided extent in epsg 900913 for whole globe -->
16<!-- providing this speeds up Mapnik database queries -->
17<Parameter name="extent">%(extent)s</Parameter>
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