source: subversion/applications/rendering/mapnik/inc/ @ 18133

Last change on this file since 18133 was 18133, checked in by ldp, 10 years ago

Make area piers render on top of water. Fixes #2343

File size: 578 bytes
1<!ENTITY layer-shapefiles SYSTEM "">
2<!ENTITY layer-piers SYSTEM "">
3<!ENTITY layer-citywall SYSTEM "">
4<!ENTITY layer-buildings SYSTEM "">
5<!ENTITY layer-ferry-routes SYSTEM "">
6<!ENTITY layer-aerialways SYSTEM "">
7<!ENTITY layer-placenames SYSTEM "">
8<!ENTITY layer-power SYSTEM "">
9<!ENTITY layer-addressing SYSTEM "">
10<!ENTITY layer-admin SYSTEM "">
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