source: subversion/applications/rendering/mapnik/inc/ @ 18187

Last change on this file since 18187 was 18038, checked in by frederik, 10 years ago

change osm.xml to use not verbatim &srs900913; but instead &osm2pgsql_projection;
for those who might want to use a pgsql database other than 900913. still use
&srs900913; for the shape files.

File size: 279 bytes
1<!ENTITY symbols "%SYMBOLS_DIR%">
2<!-- use srs900913 if you have called osm2pgsql without special flags (or with -m); use srs4326 if you have used -l -->
3<!ENTITY osm2pgsql_projection "&srs900913;">
4<!ENTITY world_boundaries "%WORLD_BOUNDARIES_DIR%">
5<!ENTITY prefix "%PREFIX%">
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