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Added comparison between zoom levels and the scale denominator numbers needed for the Mapnik Map file.

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2Comparison between zoom levels and the scale denominator numbers needed for
3the Mapnik Map file.
5zoom level=1 scale_denom=279541132.014
6zoom level=2 scale_denom=139770566.007
7zoom level=3 scale_denom=69885283.0036
8zoom level=4 scale_denom=34942641.5018
9zoom level=5 scale_denom=17471320.7509
10zoom level=6 scale_denom=8735660.37545
11zoom level=7 scale_denom=4367830.18772
12zoom level=8 scale_denom=2183915.09386
13zoom level=9 scale_denom=1091957.54693
14zoom level=10 scale_denom=545978.773466
15zoom level=11 scale_denom=272989.386733
16zoom level=12 scale_denom=136494.693366
17zoom level=13 scale_denom=68247.3466832
18zoom level=14 scale_denom=34123.6733416
19zoom level=15 scale_denom=17061.8366708
20zoom level=16 scale_denom=8530.9183354
21zoom level=17 scale_denom=4265.4591677
22zoom level=18 scale_denom=2132.72958385
24scale_denominator = map_width_in_metres/ (map_width_in_pixels *
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