source: subversion/applications/rendering/mapnik @ 6108

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
all_tiles 1722   13 years jonb Fix rendering slow down over time by using the call() instead of …
openstreetmap-mapnik-data 4583   12 years joerg openstreetmap-mapnik-data debian package missing backslash
openstreetmap-mapnik-world-boundaries 4768   12 years joerg update the revision of the openstreetmap-mapnik-worldboundary debian …
symbols 5910   12 years andystreet Change beach rendering to a more natural colour
convert 2.0 KB 3250   13 years joerg more substitutions which are consistent with install.txt 1.1 KB 3244   13 years jonb Script for generating a large mapnik image 5.0 KB 3209   13 years joerg start with rendering an overvirew
install.txt 4.3 KB 3969   12 years joerg update description for postgress 8.2, update description to get … 3.2 KB 5871   12 years tomhughes Update tertiary shields to match latest change to font colour. 6.3 KB 3128   13 years spaetz fix simple syntax errors (line breaks). Patch courtesy to Darryl (Dshpak)
osm.xml 92.8 KB 6108   12 years jochen Added explicit srs for places shapefile, because it didn't work without it
setup_z_order.sql 1.8 KB 2698   13 years artem fixed layering problem with parking symbols NOTE: requires running new …
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