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Reverted fix from 80n in draw.xsl as it breaks symbol rendering

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31.0 2006-03-21  Initial version
41.1 2006-03-23  Remove <html> and <body> tags
51.2 2006-03-24  Support for ways
61.3 2006-04-10  width key will override line width
7                Implements nested rules
8                General restructuring
9                Implements <symbol> instruction
101.4 2006-04-11  Implements <textPath> instruction for text on Segments and Ways
111.5 2006-04-11  Fix bug that generated invalid xsl-stylesheet PI
12                Fix bug resulting in superflous white space output
13                Fix bug causing dy attribute on <textPath> element rather than <text> element
141.6 2006-04-12  Fix bug with <text> instructions choking on <segment> and <way> elements in Batik
152.0 2006-07-07  Implements <area> instruction for areas and ways
16                Fix bug to enable stroke-linecap="butt"
17                Implements e attribute for rules, allowing selection by element type
18                Implements v="*" for rules
19                Implements k="*" for rules
20                Implements e="node|segment|way|area" for rules
21                Implements v="rag|tag|bobtail" for rules
22                Implements k="rag|tag|bobtail" for rules
23                Generates progress message as each rule is processed
24                Elements with tags that have a key starting with svg: will be applied to the corresponding rendered element
25                Use of width key (eg <tag k="width" v="5px"/>) desupported in favour of svg:stroke-width (eg <tag k="svg:stroke-width" v="5px"/>
26                Use of x-offset and y-offset attributes desupported in favour of dx and dy for <text> instructions and transform='translate(x,y)'
27                    for <symbol> instructions.
28                Implements name_direction='-1' tag on segments and ways to draw street names in the reverse direction.
29                Use of <textPath> instruction desupported in favour of <text> instruction which now does the right thing for both segments and ways.
30                Copyright and attribution captions dynamically re-positioned top-left. 
313.0 2006-09-23  Fix bug with non-contiguous segments in an area
32                Ignore elements with action='delete' for use with locally edited JOSM files
33                Apply linked segment optimisation to ways that have name_direction=-1
34                Added a switch to make copyright and attribution stuff optional
35                Made copyright and attribution stuff smaller
36                Fix bug with butt-capped ways that abut each other and caused cracks in roads
37                Fix bug with butt-capped ways and name_direction=-1 that caused cracks in roads
38                Implements layering using the layer tag.
39                Implements approximate mercator projection.
40                Implements pan and zoom controls.
41                Implement border and 1km square grid.
42                Implements osmarender:nameDirection as a preferred alternative to name_direction
43                <bounds> element in rules file allows bounding box of map to be specified
44                <bounds> element in .osm file allows bounding box of map to be specified
45                Improved rules file, lots of new tags, icons and cleaner look and feel
46                Rules file does not select segments for rendering by default (this encourages everyone to tag ways)
47                Tested with IE 6.x, Firefox 1.5, xalan, xmlstarlet, xsltproc, Adobe ASV3, Inkscape, Batik-Squiggle
483.1 2006-09-30  Implements waysegment pseudo-element to enable segments that are part of a way to be selected
49                Grid lines are now generated properly
50                Rendering of external white border is now improved when bounds are specified
51                No external white border when no bounds specified
52                Various tweaks to the rules file
533.2 2006-12-29  Added svg namespace to marker elements (Joto)
54                Added rendering for place=suburb (same as place=village) (Joto)
55                Added optional "osmfile" parameter to XSL stylesheet which can be used to override default filename for OSM data file (Joto)
56                Changed rendering order of motorway|trunk|primary[_link] (Joto)
57                Added icon for amenity=post_box (currently same as post_office) (Joto)
58                Now draws name for highway=track if available (Joto)
59                Added call to copyAttributes template to a use element for ways, dashed railway lines and steps now work properly (Joto)
60                highway=gate was rendered way to large. Icon simplified and made smaller (Joto)
624.0 2007-01-06  Split up osmarender.xsl into many smaller files which are easier to handle for developers
63                Changes list is now in this file, rules doc now in README
64                New makefile to pull those smaller files together again for easier usage by users
65                Pulled out call to rendering rules into new processRules template which takes a boolean parameter withOSMLayers
66                Got rid of xsl:attribute's in favour of {} in scale drawing code
67                Added osmarender shell wrapper
68                Interactive javascript stuff (zoom/pan control) will only be added if /rules/@interactive="yes", default is "no"
69                Optional map title added
70                Draw scale and attribution/copyright outside map area
71                Draw Creative Commons copyright logo as SVG instead of included PNG, removed OpenStreetMap logo
72                Added meta data and copyright info in DublinCore/RDF format (can be retrieved automatically, for instance in Inkscape)
73                Deletes e=area from rule file, because they don't exist (use ways instead)
74                Replaced makeshift bounding box by SVG clipping (but this does not work in Firefox!)
75                Added groupings, ids and inkscape layers to some SVG elements like borders, grids, the map itself, etc. Allows enabling and disabling parts of SVG file
76                Added <layer/> element for rules file to create SVG layers with part of the data. <layer/> has optional "display" and "opacity" attributes.
77                Put all feature in standard styles into several SVG layers
78                Added <addclass/> element for rules file. (See README)
79                Mini roundabouts (nodes) are drawn
80                Bridges and tunnels sort of work now. Bridges works reasonably well, tunnels definitely need some more work
81                Patch from Johann Gail to draw street names right side up included. Use osmarender:nameDirection=-1 to write in other direction than the automatically chosen one.
82                Bugfix: If a way path was turned around for the street name to show correctly the oneway direction was also changed.
83                This version needs some EXSLT extensions, this could break osmarender in some XSL transformators that don't support this. Tested with xsltproc, xmlstarlet and XALAN Java, the C version of XALAN does not work.
84    2007-01-16  Added rendering for railway=halt. (Joto)
85    2007-01-17  Fixed bug where text on segment wasn't rendered. (Joto)
864.1 2007-01-23  Improved tunnel rendering (Joto)
87                Bugfix: When all meta data is suppressed the empty white background box is also suppressed
88    2007-02-04  Bugfix for drawing areas with holes (80n)
89    2007-02-05  Added rendering for natural=forest|wood to standard rule (Joto)
90    2007-02-06  Added option withUntaggedSegments="yes" to rule file. If this is set all segments belonging to no way and without any tags (except "created_by") are rendered as dotted faint grey lines. (Joto)
91                Changed "meta" to "marginalia" in many places better describing what it is. (Joto)
92                New svgBaseProfile attribute on <rules/> element allows setting to "full", "tiny", or "basic" for different SVG profiles. This is preliminary support for Mobile SVG. (Joto)
93                Standardised indents in all files (Joto)
94                Fixed long standing bug where street names were rendered too far up in inkscape (this was because inscape doesn't support baseline-shift). Used dy attribute on tspan element instead of baseline-shift (Joto)
95                Added rendering of aerialway (Joto)
96                Changed font to free font "DejaVu Sans" with fallback to sans-serif (Joto)
97                Changed width/height/viewBox of master <svg/> to do the right thing in all cases (depending on marginalia shown etc.) (Joto)
98                Removed debugging output in osmarender bin (Joto)
99    2007-02-13  Changed the symbol handling. There is now a new subdirectory "symbols" which contains all the symbols. From these files the symbols.svg is created, which gets included into map SVG files. See [[Osmarender/Symbols]] in the wiki for details. (Joto)
100                Somewhat simplified SVG code for text along path. (Joto)
101    2007-02-15  Removed @dy attribute from text element in src/draw.xsl and added it to all <text> elements in the rules file. (Joto)
102                Symbols in catalogue now sorted alphabetically. (Joto)
103    2007-03-19  Support for frolloized osm files.  Will use the hints provided to draw street names and areas better. (80n)
104                Missing symbolScale attribute added to standard.xml. (80n)
105    2007-03-30  Reverted fix from 80n in draw.xsl as it breaks symbol rendering (Joto)
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