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1./ osm-parking-src.xml osm-parking.xml --user `whoami` --host sql-mapnik --dbname osm_mapnik --inc ./parking-inc --symbols ./parking-symbols/ --world_boundaries /home/project/o/s/m/osm/data/world_boundaries/ --port 5432 --password 'kay' 
2#./ osm-parking-bw-src.xml osm-parking-bw.xml --host localhost --user `whoami` --dbname gis --symbols ./symbols/ --world_boundaries ./world_boundaries/ --port 5432 --password 'kay'
3#./ osm-parktrans-src.xml osm-parktrans.xml --host localhost --user `whoami` --dbname gis --symbols ./symbols/ --world_boundaries ./world_boundaries/ --port 5432 --password 'kay'
4#./ osm-parkerr-src.xml osm-parkerr.xml --host localhost --user `whoami` --dbname gis --symbols ./symbols/ --world_boundaries ./world_boundaries/ --port 5432 --password 'kay'
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