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[2662]1README for png2tileinfo
[11408]4This is the "source" for the oceantiles_12.dat file used in and in of the tilesAtHome project, as
[10568]6well as the tahngo t@h server.
[3331]8The oceantiles_12.dat file contains two bits for every level-12
[2662]9tile in the world, specifying whether it is a land tile, a sea tile,
10a coastal tile, or unknown.
12The file is easy to access by the programs using it, but difficult
13to edit. So here is the "source data" in the form of a large PNG
[11408]14file 4096x4096 pixels for the whole planet, in which each pixel
[2662]15corresponds to one level-12 tile and may have one of four colours:
17white - coastline intersects with this tile
18green - no coastline intersect, land tile
19blue -  no coastline intersect, sea tile
20black - unknown
[11408]22If you find errors in the data file - i.e. an inland area rendered
[2662]23blue or a sea area not rendered blue -, you can simply fix the PNG file
24with any image editor, then run png2tileinfo, and you have a new
25data file. (Please make sure to upload both the .png file that you
26changed and the .dat file created!)
[2663]28Please note that the code is picky about the colours used. Nothing
29but "pure" colors will do - blue has to be 0,0,255, green has to be
300,255,0, black is 0,0,0 and white 255,255,255.
[11408]32Main usage:
[10399]34% cd applications/rendering/png2tileinfo
[4939]35% svn update
36% perl check 3762 2471
37oceantiles_12.png(3762, 2471) = 3 (mixed)
38% perl set 3762 2471 land
39% perl
41[wait until file generated...]
43% svn commit
45Programm help text shown for wrong arguments:
471 Usage: check <x> <y>
482 set <x> <y> <land|sea|mixed> ...
493 diff oldfile.png newfile.png
504 svndiff
515 view
526 copydiff [oldfile.png newfile.png targetfile.png]
541) check the type of a tile
562) set the type of a tile
583) show the differences between two files
604) show the difference between current state and the SVN copy of last checkout
625) view all tiles as ASCII text
646) copy differences between old and new file into target file
65   if no file names are given the software searches for two
66   oceantiles_12.png.r<num> files which are the result of a checkout conflict
67   and copies the differences between these two files in the oceantiles_12.png
68   This is required when the file has been changed in SVN during own changes.
73Please note that changes which are done through do NOT
74automatically end up here. The changes are stored localy on that host and are
75manually and erratically incorporated here. A better way for changes is thus
76to mail the change request to the list T@h mailing list at
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