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2# Config file for TilesAtHome
5### Environment:
[2047]6## FileLocations
[4806]10Niceness=nice -n10
[5766]14## the following parameter is mainly for windows compatibility.
15## if you don't know what it does, keep at 0.
[3192]18## Workaround for inkscape internationalisation problems. Should be safe to keep on.
[5794]21# Set the timeout when downloading files (in seconds)
[1988]24# set this to prepend zip file by three first letters of hostname
25# to allow identification of uploads from different machines in the
26# upload log
[3227]29## Upload settings
[5766]30# UploadChunkSize is the maximum Zip size in MiB (1024^2 byte) for non-tileset uploads
[3641]31UploadChunkSize=9   # Megabyte, hard limit 9.5 MiB (10 MB)
33# UploadChunkCount is the maximum count of png files compressed in one zip
34#       if you don't suffer from posix command line limits, you can increase
35#       this limit to arbitrary sizes. (keep in mind that some FS cannot
36#       support more than a couple thousand files in a directory.
[3641]37UploadChunkCount=13650  # default: 10 tilesets (will never be reached in practise)
39# if set to 0 the zip files will get renamed to zip_uploaded after upload.
[6004]42# set UploadToDirectory to 1 to enable uploading to a common upload
43# directory from which one central client can handle all the uploading
[3227]47## Beziercurve hinting
48NoBezier=0  # Set to 1 if beziercurvehinting causes errors.
[2706]50#Upload layers when they are done? default: 0
51# set to 1, if you want to upload layers as they are done, instead of waiting for all
52# layers in the tileset to be rendered.
55#if a set is empty and RenderFullTileset = 0 only one tile is created
[3054]56# set to 1 if the tile should be stored in workdir, so you can upload a bunch of them
57# if set to 0 this tile will be uploaded as a set
[5990]60# If set to 1, make a copy of the data file for later debugging purposes
[5412]63# If set to 1, then Batik will be used for rendering instead of Inkscape
[5587]64# If set to 2, then the Batik-wrapper will be used instead of Batik .jar file
65# (adjust the path below accordingly)
[5587]68# Set to the location of the batik rasterizer jar or the Batik wrapper (see
69# Batik config parameter above) The Batik libraries should reside in the same
70# folder, or in a sub-folder named lib.
73# Set to the maximum JVM size to pass to the -Xmx parameter when running the
74# rasterizer. The maximum size depends on the OS and the available memory.
[5464]75# For 32bit Systems it is 1536M (1.5GiB)
[5587]76# Only used for Batik jar
[5688]79# If set to 1 or greater, it will enable forking to render tiles
[5620]80# Fork = 0   -> 1 process (normal behaviour)
81# Fork = 1   -> 2 processes
82# Fork = 2   -> 4 processes
83# Fork = 3   -> 8 processes
[5686]86# make the client upload in the background if set to 1
[5794]89# Maxdepth for xmlstarlet, reduce if you run into problems with memory,
90# increase if you get "tile too complex" errors.
93# This feature is experimental and currently linux only. Don't use if you are
94# using inkscape with the same username outside tiles@home.
95# Set to 1 if you want to t@h to try and autobackup and -restore your inkscape
96# preferences file
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