source: subversion/applications/rendering @ 14210

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
fmapgen 2519   13 years jochen moved to rendering dir
makeMapOnMove 2530   13 years jochen - moving things around
tilesPipeAtHome 2581   13 years deelkar put messages back to, like planned on friday.
imgAtlas 2806   13 years hakan Istanbul map as an example
pdf-atlas 3449   13 years joerg update path to new structure
history 3500   13 years frederik add loop
clopin 4647   12 years etienne Clopin. Osmarender rules files for generating transparent route …
osmps 6276   12 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer update to 0.04 - add ability to set …
subway 6529   12 years ojw add usage info
gpx_slippy_map 7925   12 years ojw If the lat/long is not supplied, load-up the GPX file and figure it …
misc 9221   12 years tomhughes Set MIME type of all SVG files.
pyrender 9238   12 years tabacha BUGFIX: if you have ways with two same nodes
wms 9331   12 years isortega Typo (missing parenthesis) in WMS
mapyrus 10567   11 years deelkar add rudimentary README, please expand
rendercontrol 10569   11 years deelkar more README housekeeping
forWikipedia 10570   11 years deelkar add rudimentary README, please expand
tahNG 11363   11 years deelkar change externals according to latest osmarender reorg
kah 11901   11 years ojw fix argv - [1] is 1st arg?
osmarender6 12029   11 years merio Deleting void osmarender6 directory
party 12246   11 years sward Remove extension from track name in the key.
restguide 13180   11 years blarson Show all shops. Turn on grid. Extract cuisine for poi
tilesAtHome 13897   11 years deelkar change svn update cmd so it switches to Ulm
gosmore 13909   11 years daviddean Made sure gosmore still compiles under windows with the help of tedm.
mapnik 14152   11 years stevechilton Add view_point, add construction=motorway_link
png2tileinfo 14185   11 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 3346,2163 (left top) to 3583,2316 (right …
tilesAtHome-dev 14206   11 years bobkare Fix synopsis error, there never was and will never be any error accessor
osmarender 14210   11 years bobkare Add support for xml-stylesheet, it adds a processing instruction to … 3.3 KB 4974   12 years ojw render directory of gpx to image
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