source: subversion/applications/rendering @ 8745

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
mapyrus 2487   13 years jochen moved stuff to new rendering directory
osmarender 2487   13 years jochen moved stuff to new rendering directory
static-osmarender 2487   13 years jochen moved stuff to new rendering directory
fmapgen 2519   13 years jochen moved to rendering dir
makeMapOnMove 2530   13 years jochen - moving things around
rendercontrol 2538   13 years jochen moved things around
osmAtHome 2544   13 years frederik reorder
tilesPipeAtHome 2581   13 years deelkar put messages back to, like planned on friday.
imgAtlas 2806   13 years hakan Istanbul map as an example
pdf-atlas 3449   12 years joerg update path to new structure
history 3500   12 years frederik add loop
clopin 4647   12 years etienne Clopin. Osmarender rules files for generating transparent route …
osmarender4 4829   12 years dotbaz Fix for duplicate 'M's that batik renderer complains at (rightly). …
party 5049   12 years ojw Brackets not required in a class definition if it doesn't inherit
osmarender5 5265   12 years deelkar Move map features to osmarender6 as osmarender5 is not OSM v0.5 compliant
osmps 6276   12 years matthewnc osmps - PostScript? Renderer update to 0.04 - add ability to set …
subway 6529   12 years ojw add usage info
forWikipedia 6851   12 years ojw Add TODO list. Add a proper copyright line before the license
misc 7292   12 years ojw Add comments and a bit of a description to each file
gpx_slippy_map 7925   12 years ojw If the lat/long is not supplied, load-up the GPX file and figure it …
tahNG 7971   12 years deelkar make option list shorter
mapnik 8429   11 years jonb oms-template.xml: Sync to osm.xml
pyrender 8517   11 years spaetz oops, one more zero-index glitch. off by one.
wms 8663   11 years isortega WMS now features the 60 UTM zones and polar stereographic coordinate …
osmarender6 8702   11 years schuetzm Ignore all ways except those tagged as highway=* for gates and stiles.
orp 8703   11 years schuetzm Updating function comment.
osmarender-frontend 8719   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: Starting to work on GUI enhancing. Now the whole …
tilesAtHome 8736   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Mobile, Alabama
gosmore 8745   11 years nic Prepare for Debian packaging Abort on pak file version mismatch … 3.3 KB 4974   12 years ojw render directory of gpx to image
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