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1Quick start:
3Just type "python data.osm node1 node2 cycle" from command line
4where node1 and node2 are nodes in the data.osm file.
7Dependancy graph:
9 +-- parses OSM files and stores them in memory
10   |             also creates tables of routable segments
11   |
12   +-- routes though data using A*
13     |
14     +-- command-line utility to do a route
15     |                  and save it as a GPX file
16     |
17     +-- same thing, but saves as OSM XML file
18     |
19     +-- experimental GUI for mobile applications
21 +-- original version of the routing program, with
22                 everything in one file.  Outputs to a PNG image
23                 showing the map, the route, and debugging
25The 'library' programs can be run from the command-line too
26* loadOsm will load a file and tell you statistics about
27  the routes available inside it
28* route will do routing from the command-line and display it
29  as a list of nodes
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