source: subversion/applications/utils/export/osm2pgsql-intarray/middle-ram.h @ 28719

Last change on this file since 28719 was 7345, checked in by martinvoosterhout, 12 years ago

Add a caching level to the slim-mode with configurable size, so it actually
has decent performance. It is implemented as a lossy sparse array with a
priority queue tracking how much of each block is used to ensure we maximize
the number of nodes we fit in the given amount of memory.

Also rearrange some header definitions.

File size: 343 bytes
1/* Implements the mid-layer processing for osm2pgsql
2 * using several PostgreSQL tables
3 *
4 * This layer stores data read in from the planet.osm file
5 * and is then read by the backend processing code to
6 * emit the final geometry-enabled output formats
9#ifndef MIDDLE_RAM_H
10#define MIDDLE_RAM_H
12extern struct middle_t mid_ram;
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