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1== osm2pgsql ==
3* there is still room for code cleanups
5** the postgres specific files also contain some general functions
6  that could/should be moved out to separate files so that they
7  may be shared by other middle and output backends in the future
9* in the long run it may make sense to go for C++ all the way
11** the C++ interface to Google ProtoBuffers is much more mature than
12   its C counterpart
14** inheriting input, middle, and output plugin implementations from
15   abstract C++ base clases would provide a cleaner and more readable
16   interface than the current C99 struct based implementation IMHO
18== gazeteer ==
20* have relative .libs path to in the gazeteer-functions.sql
21  file, replace the relative path with the absolute install path on
22  "make install" instead of having it replaced when generating the .sql
23  file from a template on "make" time
25* install all the .php / website helper files on "make install"
27* document changes on
28  and regenerate gazeteer/README.txt from it
30* install gazeteer/README.txt on "make install" ?
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