source: subversion/applications/utils/export @ 35031

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
bzhack 22521   10 years dmarinus bug fixes no waytiles
cgimap 21193   10 years zere CGImap moved to git. See for …
CityKML 2515   13 years jochen moved to export dir and added README
garmincyclemap 17917   11 years petdr Display cycle network nodes using a manmade POI. …
guidise 24604   9 years nick added guidise: tool to give features geographically-based unique …
MTB Map 12935   11 years extremecarver
osm2ai 8083   12 years richard version that reads .osm files too
osm2csv 25398   9 years harrywood simple generic converter script in ruby
OSM2GTFS 28652   8 years miken [OSM2GTFS] Improve error message to diagnose unexpected data
osm2kml 2498   13 years jochen Movev lots of stuff into export directory
osm2poidb 29942   7 years apmon Delete file that is claimed to be obsolete/conflicting in #4913
osm2shp 23323   10 years frederik all new osm2shp that actually works. sadly, no multipolygons.
osm2singleline_per_tag 2529   13 years joerg add readme and rename file
osm2stuff 4689   13 years ojw Allow ignoring specific things (e.g. nodes with natural=coastline) …
OSM_Composer 11718   11 years extremecarver
osmgarminmap 12483   11 years joerg Add clean Target
osmgoogleearth 6131   12 years deelkar add support for single location from command line (bbox must be …
poiexport 18412   10 years rubke release 1.3 added geojson export (rullzer)
segmentise 24427   9 years nick Fixed xml entities quot, apos, amp. Need to find more general way of …
tile_expiry 21686   10 years jonb limit node latitude to +-85 degrees to prevent projection issues
tiledata 8077   12 years ojw bugfixes - broken cache, and allow single or double quotes
tiledata2 9924   12 years ojw rm enum
tiletabber 22145   10 years harrywood fix tilez param bug + give CloudMade? tileserver as an example instead
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