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new utility to merge adjoining ways into one, as a preprocessor for osmarender etc

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1README for merge-ways
4merge-ways is intended as a preprocessor for certain rendering or other actions
5performed on OSM files.
7It finds adjoining ways and merges them into one way provided they share certain
8characterstics. Which characterstics these are is expressed in a function at the
9top of the script.
11It does not yet handle relations (might even break them by removing a way that
12was used by a relation).
14Another known bug is that it will happily join the opposing lanes of a dual carriageway
15if they meet at an intersection, often leading to the street name written in a 180
16degree bend around the end of the street.
18The primary use is as a preprocessor for Osmarender when streets are split in many
19ways, none of which large enough to contain the street name.
21Written by Frederik Ramm <>, public domain.
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