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[3726]1This java application allows to upload gpx tracks to
[3731]2without user interaction (batch mode) via the API (version 4.0).
5java GpxUpload <description> <tags> <files*>
6Osm username and password can be defined as system properties
7by -Dusername=<username> and -Dpassword=<password> or if not given,
[3732]8josm's preference file is read.
[3726]9Any messages are printed to stderror, only the filename that was sent
10successfully is printed to stdout, so you may use the output of this
11program in a pipe for other calls.
14java GpxUpload "taking a ride in Graz, Austria" "graz austria" gpxfile.gpx
16java GpxUpload "taking a ride in Graz, Austria" "graz austria" gpxfiles*.gpx | xargs -i mv '{}' /home/cdaller/targetdir
18Christof Dallermassl
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