source: subversion/applications/utils/import/and2osm/ways.h

Last change on this file was 5719, checked in by martinvoosterhout, 13 years ago

Update the and2osm program to output API 0.5 compatable output. I tried to
convert the postgres output too and it should work, but it is untested. It's
not a complete conversion since while it creates relations for multi-part
ways, it does not actually tag them with anything or output them. That will
come later hopefully.

This output converted the whole original AND data successfully so it's
probably right, but bugs can never be ruled out.

Added dependancy checking to the Makefile while at it.

File size: 282 bytes
1#include "osm.h"
2void detachnodes(struct ways* p);
3struct attachedNodes * attachnode(struct attachedNodes* p, struct nodes *s,int invert);
4void saveWays();
5 void addNode2Way(struct ways * way,struct nodes * node, int invert);
6 struct ways *newWay(int wayType);
7 void init_ways();
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