source: subversion/applications/utils/import/and2osm/ways.h @ 4379

Last change on this file since 4379 was 4379, checked in by martinvoosterhout, 13 years ago

If we detect that oneway=-1 then we invert the direction of the way, so that
oneway streets are in the direction of the traffic, just like if a user
mapped it.

File size: 306 bytes
1#include "osm.h"
2void detachsegments(struct ways* p);
3struct attachedSegments * attachsegment(struct attachedSegments* p, struct segments *s,int invert);
4void saveWays();
5 void addSegment2Way(struct ways * way,struct segments * segment, int invert);
6 struct ways *newWay(int wayType);
7 void init_ways();
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