source: subversion/applications/utils/import @ 17297

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
shp2osm 12999   11 years crschmidt Improve GDAL installation information.
bulk_upload_06 17297   10 years edgemaster Fix indexerror on relations that have already been uploaded.
naptan2osm 17271   10 years edgemaster No longer bother dropping empty relations, they cause no harm, and can …
airport_import 2669   12 years hakan Import runways, store unicode place names
coast_import 5846   12 years hakan Oops
gadm2osm 5881   12 years hakan Complete enough to produce data for turkish city borders
lakewalker 4401   12 years hakan Ignore compiled python files as well
wdb2osm 5878   12 years hakan Use Admin level as per WIKI page
srtm2wayinfo 17101   10 years herm Support different storage systems for ways.
gml2osm 7219   12 years isortega gml2osm version 0.4: Supports relations for polygons with inner hull(s)
osmtrackfilter 13183   11 years joerg add csv as possibility for Navigon TRK Format too
linz2osm 16228   10 years joerichards updated after initial release
dafif2osm 2603   13 years jonb Add script
and2osm 5897   12 years martinvoosterhout To support the processing of the India/China? AND data there is now a …
and_import 4481   12 years martinvoosterhout New planet file
bulk_import 7017   12 years martinvoosterhout Update messages finally for 0.5 transition
nhd2osm 17177   10 years miken Correction for handling empty Reach codes for Areas
srtm2osm 10717   11 years mungewell Incorporated changes suggested by alastairj to bring upto API 0.5: …
mp2osm 8206   11 years newmka Bug fix (add trailing comma to single item sequences) …
csv2osm 2311   13 years nickburch Bug fix for perl not supporting -0, which meant that lat 0.xS and lon …
geobase2osm 14402   11 years ssinger -Moving static variables to be per class instance -Fixing closing tag …
tiger2osm 15852   10 years tbook Refines rail line types and guesses highway types by name
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