source: subversion/applications/utils/import @ 5185

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
csv2osm 2311   13 years nickburch Bug fix for perl not supporting -0, which meant that lat 0.xS and lon …
tiger_import 2499   13 years jochen moved lots of stuff into import dir
dafif2osm 2603   13 years jonb Add script
airport_import 2669   13 years hakan Import runways, store unicode place names
gml2osm 3721   13 years isortega Added gml2osm import utility - use it when importing data from GML …
lakewalker 4401   13 years hakan Ignore compiled python files as well
and_import 4481   13 years martinvoosterhout New planet file
and2osm 4482   13 years martinvoosterhout Add AND:importance_level and make tags appears after segs in way …
srtm2osm 4582   13 years joerg add small description to srtm2osm/extract
bulk_import 4595   13 years martinvoosterhout Finally commit version that can be either v3 or v5 depending on …
geobase2osm 4887   13 years jrreid geobase2osm: initial import
coast_import 4970   13 years frederik patch by Arne Goetje <arne@…> to limit way length to 250 nodes.
osmtrackfilter 5037   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter: reduce memory usage by only reading the needed parts …
wdb2osm 5185   13 years hakan Extract save_way() method 447 bytes 2724   13 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet … 14.3 KB 3240   13 years joerg next step in creating packages for openstreetmap
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