source: subversion/applications/utils/mod_tile/daemon.h @ 15839

Last change on this file since 15839 was 15839, checked in by apmon, 11 years ago

[renderd] Add the ability to explicitly expire renderd tiles from proxys via HTCP

For large setups of mod_tile, and renderd, it may be beneficial to have a reverse proxy infront of the main tile server.
However when using a fast updating db e.g. running off the minutly diffs, the proxy may either deliver stale content, or the
cache expiry has to be set very short, which limits the effectiveness of the proxy. Instead, this patch adds an explicit
mechanism to renderd to signal to the proxy which tiles have been rerendered and thus should be discarded from the cache.

File size: 523 bytes
1#ifndef DAEMON_H
2#define DEEMON_H
4#include <limits.h> /* for PATH_MAX */
6#include "protocol.h"
8#define INILINE_MAX 256
10typedef struct {
11    char *socketname;
12    int num_threads;
13    char *tile_dir;
14    char *mapnik_plugins_dir;
15    char *mapnik_font_dir;
16    int mapnik_font_dir_recurse;
17} renderd_config;
19typedef struct {
20    char xmlname[XMLCONFIG_MAX];
21    char xmlfile[PATH_MAX];
22    char xmluri[PATH_MAX];
23    char host[PATH_MAX];
24    char htcpip[PATH_MAX];
25    char tile_dir[PATH_MAX];
26} xmlconfigitem;
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